Our Mission

Leadership committee members of the Nutrition Education for the Public Dietetic Practice Group (NEP DPG) explain why they joined this professional group of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. With over 600 members across the country and world, NEP welcomes members from every background and career stage including students and retirees.

To that end, NEP has established an overarching goal to enhance the communication and teaching skills of its members.

Mission: Empower NEP members to be leaders in educating and communicating evidence-based nutrition information to the public.

Vision: Optimize health by educating the public about food and lifestyle choices.


Explore examples of member benefits and resources at www.nepdpg.org and consider joining us as a member. Your voice and contributions are a value to nutrition education and this DPG. Let’s learn, connect and act together to improve health through quality nutrition education! 

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