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CPEU INFORMATION: Please be aware that only certain webinars are available for CPEU credit; if CPEU credit is available, this is noted below. Per Academy/CDR guidelines, webinars presented AFTER June 1, 2016 are approved for CPEUs for 3 years after the recording date. Webinars presented BEFORE June 1, 2016 are approved for their CPEUs for 1 year after the recording date.


NEP DPG Webinars

Date Presented



Webinar Title



Melissa Manning, RDN
Shannan Young, RDN

Unlock the Potential Opportunities in School Nutrition
2.5 CEPU available through 12/31/2025


Maryann Jacobsen, MS, RDN

Iron Deficiency Without Amenia
1 CEPU available through 12/31/2025


Dr. Sachiko St. Jeor, RDN

The Energy Balance Initiative: A Call to Action
(1 CEPU available through 10/25/25)


Matthew Landry, PhD, RDN

You Are Not an Impostor: Taming Feelings of Insecurity and Impostor Syndrome
(1 CPEU available through 9/15/25)


Toni Marie Burkhalter Gist, MS

Choose Your Own Adventure: The Many Paths for Graduates in Nutrition

(1 CPEU available through 5/6/25)


Henna Muzaffar, PhD, RD, FAND

Sherrill Morris, PhD, CCC-SLP

Inter-Professional Collaboration and Teamwork

(1 CPEU available through 3/23/25)


Dr. Amy Mobley

Sherry Coleman Collins, RDN

Parent's Nightmare: Food Allergies in Infancy

(1 CPEU available through 5/31/24)


Geeta Sikand

Top 10 Dietary Strategies for Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Risk Reduction

(1 CPEU available through 5/26/24)


Melanie Hingle

Katherine Ellison

The Role of the RDN in Sustaining Positive Lifestyle

(1 CPEU available through 2/9/24)


Melissa Manning

Creating Excitement in Private Practice: Opportunities in School Nutrition

(1 CPEU available through 11/17/23)