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House of Delegates Update

Dear NEP DPG members,

I recently participated in the Spring Virtual House of Delegates Meetings. A great summary of the meeting is available in the Spring House of Delegates Meeting Recap document. As part of the meeting we received updates from the Academy President, Treasurer, and Foundation. We also received a summary of work from the various committees of the Academy. The many member volunteers of the Academy of doing great things to benefit you as a member. I enjoy serving as your delegate, please contact me with any questions.


Barbara Ann Hughes

NEP DPG Delegate 


Remember to Renew Your Academy Membership and Be sure to Rejoin the NEP DPG!

We are excited for the upcoming year and would love to have YOU continue as a NEP member in 2018-2019.

When you renew be sure to include NEP DPG #52

Membership in the NEP DPG is a great value. Over the course of a year you can get up to 5 CEUs through webinars and newsletter articles (even more with our archived webinars and newsletters) WOW – that is a deal! In addition, funding is available for awards and scholarships.

Some of our most popular member benefits include:


·        FREE Webinars with CPEUs: Watch live or recorded webinars (for viewing at your convenience). Just click on the archived webinar link in the member resources section of the website. You'll find a variety of topics such as Reclaiming our Aprons: The Art and Practice of Hands-on Nutrition Education, Tools to Foster Behavior Change: Decisional Balance and Rulers, Making Your Efforts Count: Leveraging Engagement and the Art of Design for More Powerful Presentations, and more.

·        Networking News: Our newsletters features news, articles, learning tools, and resources on hot topics as well as some CEUs.

·        Our Website: Explore the Educational Resources collection, access the newsletter, view archived webinars, try out new recipes in the Celebrate Food column, and get to know other members in the Member Spotlight.

·        Connection with other members. Network with informal and spontaneous dialogue on a wide range of topics on our social media sites (Facebook , Twitter @nepdpg, Instagram @nedpdpg, and our ListServ Get to know members by checking out our member award winners and member spotlight on the website.


DPG Election Results

NEP DPG is pleased to announce the following members were elected in the 2018 election:

  • Bridget Corbett, EdD, RD, LD - Chair-Elect
  • Leia Flure, MS, RD, LDN - Secretary
  • Lisa Shkoda, RDN, CSP, CNSC, FAND - Nominating Committee Chair-Elect
  • Michelle James, MS, RDN - Nominating Committee Member

Congratulations to the elected candidates and thank you to all the members who voted!


Foundation 2018 Scholarship Applications

In 2017, the Foundation awarded over 230 students with scholarships ranging from $500 to $10,000. Scholarships are available for students at all levels of study, including those enrolled in undergraduate programs, NDTR programs, dietetic internships, and masters and doctoral programs.

Please visit the Foundation’s website for more details and to access the online application or email with questions.


Pledge of Professional Civility

The Academy’s Food & Nutrition Magazine® has launched an initiative to help foster community and constructive discourse among peers: The Pledge of Professional Civility. The pledge was announced during FNCE® by Academy President Donna Martin at the Member Showcase and discussed during the FNCE® session on Cyberbullying, presented by Academy President-elect Mary Russell and Past-President Connie Diekman.

Public antagonism and hostility among peers dishonors the nutrition and dietetics profession, and is a disservice to the more than 100,000 professionals who hold the RDN or NDTR credentials. Just as in work environments and professional settings, words and behaviors on social media not only reflect the competencies and conduct of individuals, but the values and credibility of the entire profession. It is crucial that strong examples of personal conduct and professional behavior be set for fellow and future practitioners.

As professionals who are active in social media and communications, you are no doubt aware of some challenges regarding a shift in the online behavioral landscape. Forums such as social media channels and listservs continue to provide positive opportunities for discussion and connection; however, antagonism and negativity also have become more prevalent.

The Pledge of Professional Civility is a voluntary, public commitment to the civil treatment of professional peers, including those with whom we may not agree on all issues. Anyone is welcome to take the pledge. As Academy leaders, we encourage all of you to review the Guiding Principles and supporting resources, take the Pledge of Professional Civility and help demonstrate positive, productive engagement among our community.  You are welcome to share this information with your members.

Learn more and take the Pledge -


New Infographics Available

New infographics are available from the Academy Foundation. The infographics were made possible through an educational grant from National Dairy Council.

·        "Tossed Treasures: America's Wasted Food Problem and How Dietetics

·        Professionals Can Help"

·        "What's in Our Food? The Science and Safety of Food Additives"

·        "The Nutrition Professional's Guide to GMOs"

View the infographics


EAL: Call for Topic Experts

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is seeking to convene a multidisciplinary team of experts to conduct a systematic review on the topic of Cystic Fibrosis. A workgroup consists of registered dietitian nutritionists plus doctors, nurses, and/or therapists and a patient advocate. To learn more about the workgroup responsibilities and to apply for this volunteer position, please visit the EAL.



The Second Century of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

From the Academy's Second Century website:

For the past 100 years, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics has been dedicated to building a profession that optimizes health through food and nutrition. In 1917, the profession was pioneered by a visionary group of women committed to contributing their knowledge and service to the biggest food and nutrition challenge of the day — nourishing the population in the face of severe food shortages in the U.S. and in Europe during World War I.

Today, the Academy is the world’s largest organization of food and nutrition professionals, representing more than 100,000 registered dietitian nutritionists and nutrition and dietetics technicians, registered, working across the food and health spectrum in hospitals, foodservice, academia, business, wellness, agriculture and private practice. Together, with its members and allied health professionals, the Academy has spent the last century improving the nation’s health through research, education and advocacy.

The Academy’s Second Century represents a moment to continue the conversation and take action with those who are at the forefront of creating positive global change.

The world faces unique threats to ensuring the health of all people and communities: a rapidly growing population, the dual burden of undernutrition and obesity and escalating rates of chronic disease. The combination of limited food options and poor food choices, in both developed and developing countries, contributes to exorbitant costs — in quality of life, health care expenses and loss of human and economic productivity.

These enormous challenges cannot be solved by any organization working alone. However, organizations who recognize that these challenges represent innovative opportunities throughout the food, nutrition and health system can collaborate to change the trajectory of health in the world.

Improving access to healthful food and driving innovation are imperative to scaling health and nutrition strategies globally. Through collaboration, these opportunities include:

  • Building on the latest human behavior research to support better decision-making around food.
  • Supporting advancements in the prevention and treatment of malnutrition, obesity and chronic disease.
  • Pairing developments in genetics, nutrition informatics and information technologies with emerging health care models to deliver care and improved outcomes, opening a new space for innovation.

And with this focus on food and nutrition as the basis for good health, the Academy can collaborate to help communities thrive in unprecedented ways.

We have a plan to shape the future of the Academy — now we need your voice.

The Academy has shown its commitment to the future of the profession by undertaking the development of the Second Century vision. The whole Academy — every member, every supporter, every Foundation donor — has a part in shaping the future of the second century. Throughout the multi-year process, the Academy will ensure members are informed and, most importantly, engaged — understanding why their contribution matters.

Whether members give back by sharing their energy, passion and knowledge towards shaping the new future of the Academy, or they donate to the Second Century initiative through the Foundation and the innovative projects that will expand and build upon its current programs and priorities that advance the profession, members are essential to the process and are the future of the Academy.

As the Academy and Foundation keep members, collaborators and supporters informed of initiative efforts and participation opportunities, this Second Century area on will continue to be updated, as well as information posted to and sent via email communications from the Academy and member groups.

The Academy and Foundation look forward to your continued participation and support as we build a new vision for the future together.