DPG Delegate


Dr. Barbara Hughes was a public health practitioner and administrator for the first half of her career. She administered the NC Public Health Nutrition program where she gave leadership to the development of the WIC Program.

In 1991, she founded B.A. Hughes & Associates, LLC in Raleigh, NC, a private practice, credentialed with most third party insurers and Medicare. She leads worksite wellness workshops for employees in towns, businesses and industries in Wake and surrounding counties.

She has held several offices in NEP, including Chair and Chair-elect. She was elected to a two year term on the Academy board, HOD Executive as area coordinator; a two term delegate from NC; Academy Nominating Committee, Chair and Chair-elect, Council on Practice. Appointed for two years as Chair, Academy Public Policy Committee; Honors; Bylaws; Annual Meeting; C.E. CDR FELLOW Assessment; ADAF Endowed Scholarship; NCDA President, LPP Coordinator; Licensure, Parliamentarian; Honors.

HONORS: NCDA Member of Year; Anne Gallagher; Medallion; Awards for Excellence in Nutrition Entrepreneurs, Weight Management, and Consultation & Business Practice DPGs and NC Health & Wellness Trust Fund Leadership in Obesity Award.

Her passion is public policy and advocacy. She has been a Political Action Leader and a Regulatory Specialist for NCDA and a Political Action Leader for NEP. She is past president of Altrusa International, Inc. and is President-Elect of the National Association of Local Boards of Health.